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Now you're just trying to look intelligent. And failing. Miserably.

Considering the fact that the argument between ACDCFanbill, me, and ZeroX2 centered around duel, I see no reason to care about your first paragraph, especially since 'running rings' around someone does no damage and is fairly easily countered even without applying Speed yourself.

As for your second paragraph... i'm sorry, but at this point you must be blind. Absorb makes a sound. Certainly, you've maybe regained a bit of Force, but they've also taken points off either your force or health meters, so chances are you aren't exactly better off. They can easily regenerate themselves by staying out of blade range for Force, and Draining you when Absorb goes down for health (or going for Lightning damage). Either way he gains and you are no better off. You lose. Insert a coin to try again.

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