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Please! What kind of fool do you take us for? No frikken dur, Absorb makes a sound! I don't care! The Force you get back is worth a little sound! And what kind of idiot keeps Absorb on when the enemy is not using Force-based attacks? Sorry, but calling me an idiot and pretending to run the show only works if you are admin-ing a server. So, take this coin and shove it... *remembers that StaffSabetist is a light-ided character*

"you must be blind... absorb makes a sound..."

Um... I'd have to be deaf, right?

Okay, just to make absolutely sure you understand, I'll go over the scenario again:

1. Enemy tries Lightning/Drain/Grip.
2. I turn on Absorb, takibg 5-10 damage at worst.
3. Enemy ceases the futile Force attack.
4. I turn off Absorb, not wanting to waste Force Points.
5. Battle continues as normal. Steps 1-4 are usually repeated once or twice.
Your mileage may vary.

OK, so what's wrong with that? If the enemy wants to waste Force mana. fine. If not... the saber battle returns. I may win or I may not, depending on all the usual factors of saber combat.

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