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Zion tore through the doors. The jedi who ahd kicked him away was gone. Zion's red blade lit up the whole room.The jedi would pay.
Zion strode through the room. nothing of use was here. He entered the hanger where dozens of Jedi star fighters were. Some people turned to him surprised
"What the?"
The Jedi had no chance to even comprehend what they were facing
Zion force chocked the man and through him onto a Jedi star fighter. He noticed a blue one....the commande? Zion used the force to throw a jedi star fighter towards a group of Jedi running in his direction. He laughed
A jedi withdrew his saber and tried to attack. Zion dodged the mans efforts. Zion sliced the mans arm off and force pushed him into the wall where he sat bleeding and moaning. Zion smiled then looked around
"Foolish Jedi" he said as more come towards him
He screamed and the force and pitch of his scream made the jedi fall back. He had to destroy this hanger and make sure no one got out


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