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[*Deac suddenly feels a mysterious calling back to the Cantina*

Just when I was about to post a long, heartful goodbye to the Cantina and put it out of its misery, it seems people are interested again! Then I look and see I've actually missed something! You see, I had a load of net trouble this year, and by the time I came back it seemed that this was dead and gone. It made me sad. I've loved doing this for the past FOUR YEARS! I still think back to the old days when it was Darkstars this, clones that, and then the big Ragnarok incident, and then the vampires and everything. I would be very sad to see this die, and if it's going to then I have a happy dignified ending for Deac Starkiller and family. I know that many of you are busy with work etc...but I think if we were all to just post once a day...maybe we could get this going again. Discuss. And if I ever go AWOL again:]

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