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Scur noticed a jedi break through the doors and start killing the other Jedi. "There is much anger and frustration in this one. I shall reason with him, later." Scur murmured to himself.

"Men, ignore the jedi fool before he slices a wing off. Go!" Scur yelled into the com-links before the jedi had a chance of getting out of their Jedi intercepters/starfighters. Scur's and several other intercepters started hovering and they launched out of the hangar. Soon followed were the others that were commanded to stay and follow to ignore the angered Jedi.

Soon enough other starfighter resistance tried stopping the jedi but didn't work, being blown up by Scur or another Jedi. When Scur and his group escaped the atmosphere many Civic Capitol Ships were blocading the the planet.

The Civic Capitol Ship commander heard of the Intercepters coming into the blocade area and ordered the fire on the Intercepters. Only one or two Jedi intercepters were destroyed by the time Scur and group made it onto a Capitol Ship.

"Land safely!" Scur announced onto the com-links, "We need to get out quickly and easily." As Scur landed his intercepter he opened the cockpit window and jumped out lightsaber igniting, slicing a marine's gun arm, while waiting for Scur to get out. The man screamed and fell to the ground, as Scur blocked and swung his lightsaber at other marines.

"All marines to hangar 10-2, repeat hangar 10-2!" the speaker blared and echoed throughout the hangar. Scur grabbed a blaster from a marine and started blasting marines with it while blocking incoming shots with the lightsaber in the other hand as he made his way to the bridge, followed by his jedi partners.

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