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Janya looked at Lin briefly.

- “Take your saber out” – Janya said.

- “Then what?” – Lin asked.

Janya looked away and faced the end of the hallway.

- “When the first detonators of our team hit, move to the aliens, get as many weapons as you can for the men, and remember trust your instincts, be mindful of your surroundings” – Janya said.

Lin looked at Janya for a moment and started to make faces behind her.

- “Like deflecting laser bolts is gonna come easy” – Lin said with a touch of irony.

- “No it won’t but try” – Janya said and ignited her blue saber.

Lin heard the aliens running down the hallway and she ignited the red saber.

- “HERE THEY COME!” – Lin shouted.

Behind her Ryker was preparing to launch the thermal detonators at Dag’s command.

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