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((It won't do any good. I'm posting this because it takes almost no thought, and I have almost no time. (and because I get email alerts when ppl reply to these RPGs.)

Hit me after the end of this month, if you wish.

My suggestion here is that we end on a cliffhanger, Cracken has to make some kind of choice and we end, we don't get to see the choice. Next thread we have a time skip, and Cracken is AWOL and only whoever's present at this meeting know what Cracken actually said, what he planned/plans to do and why he's gone, and have taken an oath not to speak of it. Something along those lines. This gives the advantage of getting us out of this plot sinkhole and offers opportunity for creative thinking later on when/if we get around to followup.

(Also, it might entice Cracken to rejoin if he gets to be all mysterious and stuff. )

I'll, uh, have to think of something with the assassins. Maybe they can have spent all this time with recon, so they can now know their targets very thoroughly.

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