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[FANFIC]Star Wars KOTOR III: The True Sith Empire. (UPDATED! 7TH January 2006)


I have written a fan fiction because I love KOTOR and its crew. So I think it deserves some lovely fan fiction. In this story I have replaced GO-TO with Deciple (Mical) because I wasn't very fond of GO-TO so in the latter Journey Mical will join the crew(s) of the Ebon Hawk. In this fan fic the two crews join forces to search for their leaders. But as their Journey begins all of them will be thrust into un-expected dangerous battles with the True Sith. perils will lie ahead for the two crews and some may not be expected to survive. Please stay tuned.

Hello again! This may have a few mistakes in it. But I will get it fixed over time. Though still feel free to leave contructive reviews-negitive or postitive feedback is welcome as the reviews will help me what I need to improve on. more stuff to be added weekly. This story is only very partly done so I will add more as time comes on. and I will get a beta reader to fix any mistakes up. In the mean time I really hope you enjoy this story.

Hope you enjoy


This Story takes of from LSM Revan and LSM Exile. It takes place round about 6 months after KOTOR II.


UPDATED!! 7TH January 2006


UNDER HEAVY CONTRUCTION: Please note that there might be some plot holes in this story but I am working to the best of my ability to correct theses plot holes. Please be patient , Thanks



Star Wars KOTOR III: The Old Sith Empire (Part One)

Star Wars KOTOR III: The True Sith Empire.

Chapter One.

Telos-Polar Regions.

‘Recovery Effort’

Brianna stood in the ships hanger bay in the Telos Jedi academy watching the sun go down. The cold night air was cool and chilly. Brianna wrapped herself in her Jedi robes as she could feel the cool night breeze of the night. She was engrossed with the beautiful sunset in the sky over Telos. It was late evening and she thought she would escape her studies and let herself meditate on the events that would eventually engulf the galaxy. She was now a historian and a Jedi because of the Jedi exile she had traveled with six months ago. The exile had totally changed her life around as she traveled with him, when Atris told her about the Jedi exile that he was disruptive and brutal that he was all messed up because of the effects from returning from the Madalorian war. She found out that what Atris had told her was not necessarily true. Over her travels with the Jedi exile she found that he was kind and loving towards her and his other companions and that he had changed. She remembered when she started to be intrigued by him and his travels when it all started when she was ordered to steal the exiles ship the Ebon Hawk from Citadel Station while he was been held in custody with his other friends by Lt Gren. And it would be only a short time when she would finally meet the exile in private when he came to the academy on Telos. And when she spoke to him over time her opinion on him started to change as they both traveled together in the Ebon Hawk as they went in searching for the Jedi Masters. By the end of their travels she had fallen in love with the exile and he with her. But the worse news was about to come when he told her he had to leave her because he had to travel to the unknown region in search for an important Jedi that had mysteriously vanished six and a half years ago and when the reign of Darth Malak had come to an end. She remembered when she wept at the news as he told her that he couldn’t take her or anyone with him because he knew that the enemy he would fight against would target anyone he cared for. And now she hadn’t seen or head from her true love since he departed. A tear fell down her cheeks as she remembered her Journey with the exile and her companions. But to the present day today, she was standing here meditating on the on an uncertain future for the Jedi and anyone who served with the Republic. She knew what she had to do to help the Jedi surface again of the aftermath of the Manalorian war. As she was still observing the night sky Brianna heard footsteps coming up from behind her, she turned her head to see Mira coming to see how she was doing.

“Brianna,” Mira said with concern. “Are you okay?”

Brianna turned her head and smiled at her friend. Mira put a hand on her shoulder and looked at Brianna as she looked into her friends face with concern.

“Yes, I’m okay, I was just thinking,” she said as she turned her gaze back to the horizon in the night sky.

Mira followed Brianna’s gaze.

“The night sky is surely beautiful at this time of evening.” Mira said with a smile on her lips.

“Yes it is,” she said, quietly.

Mira stood there contemplating what she would say next to her friend as she too was gazing at the starry nigh sky. The two Jedi woman stood there for a minute in silence before Mira finally broke the silence.

“I know you miss him, Brianna.”

Mira turned her head back to face her friend, she saw that Brianna didn’t turn her head back to face her. For a minute Mira thought she wasn’t going to say anything.

“Have you ever wondered why he left us?” Brianna asked, wonderingly.

“Yes,” she nodded. “But I know why, because there are things that might hurt us that Marcus didn’t want us to get involved in,” replied Mira.

“Yes,” Brianna said as she turned her head again towards Mira.

Mira could see tears falling down her friends face and she felt Brianna was trying hard not to get up set from the discussion about the exile. But the subject seemed to be sensitive to her.

“I’m sorry Brianna, I didn’t mean to up set you,” Mira apologized.

“No, its okay,” sniffled Brianna as she turned her slightly teary eyes towards Mira.

Seeing her friend upset Mira got a tissue out of her Jedi robe pocket and offered it to Brianna.

“Here, this will help you,”

“Thankyou,” said Brianna, as she took the tissue from her friend. “I didn’t mean to get upset; it’s just so hard sometimes,”

“I know,” Mira replied, quietly.

After Brianna blew her nose to clear her nostrils from minor grief Brianna put the tissue in her pocket Mira offered her and she then looked at her friend, feeling a little better after letting out a bit of tension she felt more comfortable with her friend around. They both shared the same pain and could share any thing together.

“It’s getting a little chilly out here don’t you think?” asked Mira. “Want to come inside and get a hot caffa? I think it would be lovely to share some quality time with you,” said Mira, as she tried to cheer her friend up.

Brianna showed her first sighs of a smile on her lips.

“I would like that, Mira,” replied, Brianna.

“Come on then,” she took hold of her friends arm and led her into the comfort of the Telos Jedi academy. The two friends headed for the little cantina that the academy had for its occupants. The two women were busy getting their caffas and went off together where they both would spend hours together as friends.

Chapter Two.

Citadel Staion- Late evening.

‘A Mission Goes Wrong’

Atton was getting used too been a Jedi again. He could feel the Force flow through him all over again since the exile had taught him in the ways of the Force. He relied on the Jedi code to keep the peace between himself and his emotions. Atton walked through the crowded hallway of the residential block of Citadel Station. He was wearing his newly made Jedi robes that Jedi Master Atris had given him. After all the Jedi garments were the tradition of the Jedi and they were symbolic. Attons long brown Jedi robe was covering his while body. The robe would flow behind him as he walked. The hallways of Citadel Station were crowded with many different aliens and humans. He was along the few that would only serve and protect innocent people from harm. As he walked he heard someone call him ‘Jedi’ behind him. Atton turned to see an alien gazing up at him.

“Jedi,” the alien said, pointing his small green hands up at him.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“You Jedi, you help me,” muttered the alien. “I seek help from Jedi,” the alien mumbled his words as he looked up at Atton.
“What do you need help with?”

“Czerka smugglers stole my money, you resolve problem,” the alien said with disjointed words. “Please,” he begged.

“Okay, I will help you, where can I find theses Czerka smugglers?” Atton asked.

“You find them with in residential block C,” he replied. “Me can’t deal with them, they do stuff to me,”

“Okay, wait here,” he told the alien. “I will resolve this situation and see if I can get your possessions back,” he told the alien.

“Thankyou,” said the alien, gratefully.

“Okay, wait here,” he ordered the alien.

This is what you get for been a Jedi.

Atton left the alien where he was and he headed towards the direction the alien told him to go. Czerka Corporation was always up too no good. Of course he thought he should have no problem with them because he had delt with them before.

This shouldn’t be too hard thought Atton.

Atton headed towards the transporter that would transport him to the residential block C. He would willingly help the alien who lost his money too the Czerka. It didn’t take long to arrive at the residential block of where the Czerka smugglers were hiding. He made his way to where he was instructed to go by the alien and he knocked on the apartment door, but there was no answer. He decided to see if the apartment door was unlocked; to his luck the door was unlocked, but the apartment had no light on; it was totally pitch black in the room. Atton walked cautiously to see if he could see anyone.

“Hello? Is there anyone here?” he called “This is Atton Rand, Jedi Knight; I was told that you had taken some possessions of an innocent immigrant of this station, and he asked me nicely to ask if he could have them back,” Atton called out.

“No!” came a growl out of no where. Suddenly as if out of no where somebody lunged onto him and made him topple onto to the floor. He fought with his victim that he couldn’t see in the dark. Atton struggled with his invisible foe. Atton struggled against his foe. His attacker had tremendous strength and he struggled to break from his attacker. Quickly Atton reached out with the Force to ‘Force push’ his foe across the room. He could hear a grunt as he heard a thud, knowing that he was successful he quickly got up on his feet.

“Lights!” Atton called, loudly.

Instantly the light turned on. There Atton could get a better look at his attacker, he appeared to be reptilian. His foe stood up and faced Atton. He finally got could identify his enemy. His attacker was a trandoshan.

“Why did you attack me?” Atton asked, annoyed.

“I won’t answer, you die,” was all the trandoshan could say.

Before the trandoshan could react Atton quickly ignited his lightsaber and with a snap his out came a yellow blade. Atton held his lightsaber in front of him and pointed it at the trandoshan.

“Try and attack me again and you will regret it,” warned Atton.

“You don’t scare me, Jedi,” hissed the trandoshan. He pulled put a melee weapon and was ready to attack again.

“I don’t want to fight you if I don’t have to, but if I have to defend my self in the name of peace, I will,” Atton said, as he carefully eyed his foe. “I have come in peace; I just want you to return some possessions you took from an innocent immigrant of this station.”

“No,” the trandoshan, hissed “I prefer to take and keep,”

“There are citizens who work there asses off to get what they get and you take without even been honest,”

“I have no time for you, Jedi,” he hissed. “Die!” he roared in his lizard language. He lunged towards Atton, and in an instant his lightsaber blade was clashing against the trandoshan’s melee weapon blade. It didn’t take long before Atton sliced the weapon in half and force pushed his opponent back that startled the trandoshan and made him stumble onto his back. He then Force jumped towards the trandoshan and pointed the lightsaber at the trandoshan’s throat.

“Now we can resolve this peacefully or I will be forced to hand you into Lt Gren for questioning, it’s your choice, trandoshan.”

The trandoshan only hissed and snarled.

“Fine then, have it your way, trandoshan,” said Atton. “You are coming with me to Lt Gren for questioning, he will deal with you,” said Atton, as he grabbed and forced the trandoshan up on to his feet he still had his lightsaber blade pointed to the trandoshan’s back. “Now don’t try any thing.” He warned.

As the trandoshan was forced to walk out of the apartment with Atton pointing his saber at the trandoshan’s back, little did he know that the reptilian secretly pulled out a little melee knife and then with sudden surprise he turned quickly to attack the young Jedi. A second too slow, Atton didn’t have time to react before the little melee knife the trandoshan stabbed into his shoulder, with instant pain, Atton yelped from the injury pain and been distracted from his injury he dropped his lightsaber and it clattered to the floor and rolled away from the young Jedi. Atton fell to his knees as he clutched to his shoulder in pain and winced as he tried to hold the pain in. The knife was still jabbed into his shoulder. The trandoshan took the advantage of the situation and fled from the scene. Blood came pouring out from the knife injury. Atton quickly pulled out the melee knife and as he did, his screams could be heard from across the hallway. The pain was agonizing, and his body trembled from the pain. Atton let the bloodied knife fall out of his hand as it clattered to the floor, the young Jedi was left to clutch to his shoulder in agony.

Chapter Three.

Citadel Staion- Late evening.

‘A Lending Hand.’

Admiral Onasi sat at his desk in his office. All the assignments he had given fellow officers to take out over the years since he had been promoted five years earlier, some loyal officers under his command had been killed in the line of duty and there would be times when he would feel responsible for their deaths because he was the one that ordered them too do their duty. Of course the responsibility came with the job. For the past 6 years since his friend left for the outer rim in search for the more dangerous threat that would soon reveal it’s self he had taken on the strain of looking after Revan’s potential love interest -Bastila Shan. He remembered when he gave the order to him to take care of Bastila until he returned.

Carth I have some business I have to take care of in the outer rim. I need you to remain here for me and keep the Republic strong. I can’t take anyone with me as the enemy I am seeking out will target anyone I care for. Also I ask a favor that you please look out for Bastila for me while I am gone, she will need you.

The Admiral sighed. He remembered his friends order since the day he left. Admiral Onasi turned from his desk and turned in his seat to look out the large observation window to look out at Telos which glowed beautifully from space. The planet was his home and he would do what ever it would take to protect it from any harm again. The past five years had been hard for him over the years. His friends that he served with during the Jedi civil war had all gone their own separate ways and he had no clue to where any of them were except Bastila and Canderous.

Last time I heard from Jolee is when he told me he had to go back to Dantooine and see what remained of the Jedi academy and sort some business out with the Jedi Masters. Since then I haven’t heard from him in a long time.

And Canderous I believe he was now the new Mandalore and was carrying out Revans orders to see if he could find the remaining Mandalorians to aide the Republic in the fight against this threat that was slowly engulfing the galaxy. I believe he was seeking out the help from the exile.

Mission I believe had occupied Zaalbar back to Kashyyyk to sort out some family affair with his father. But I haven’t heard from then either for a long time.

Carths thoughts then turned to his other companions who occupied him during the Jedi civil war. The Catha Juhani had not been herd from since he got his promotion.

I haven’t heard from Juhani since I got my promotion. I hope she is okay. I haven’t heard from her in a few years. I hope she is still alive. I have to find out if she is still around, and what about the droids? T3-M4 and that pesky HK unit? I think they were the only among the crew that went with Revan.

Carth turned his thoughts away from his friends and back to the present. He had been living on Citadel Station for quite a few years while Telos was been re-built. The Restoration project was just about complete. He would still have bad nightmares about the day Darth Malak ordered his home planet to be bombed that killed his wife and caused his son to go missing. But the pain of his past was now a part of him. He still thought of his dear old wife when he looked at the picture of his wife and son on his desk. As Carth continued to gaze out the window he saw many ships orbiting Telos. Most of them were freighters that would take food and equipment to the workers that were restoring the planet to its former beauty. It was only a six months ago that Telos was once again under threat with a Sith Lord coming to Telos and feeding on all his victims through the Force and the Sith Lord Darth Nilihis had a plan of destroying Telos totally. But it was when that the exile intervened that Telos was saved. Now it was led to believe that the exile had left the Republic to go on a trip to the outer rim in search of Revan and bring him back to the Republic. With Revan gone the Republic was on the verge of collapse and with the bigger threat approaching the Admiral was not sure if the Republic would triumph. As the Admiral sat there still observing out the large massive window his desk comlink beeped.

Don’t I ever get a break?

Carth turned from the large window and went to answer his desk comlink. When The Admiral pressed the button to answer the call, a young voice of an ensign came through the speaker.

“Admiral Onasi?” asked the young voice through the speaker phone. “There is a person that needs your medical skills, Sir.”

“What has happened, ensign?”

“A Jedi has ended up here on Citadel Station and was doing an assignment for a Commander Deer but the situation back fired on the Jedi, and he ended up injured Sir, we found him in residential block C, Sir,” explained the ensign.

“Did you say this person was a Jedi?” asked Carth.

“Yes Sir,” replied the young voice.

“Alrighty, where are you located, ensign?” asked the Admiral.

“In the Ithorian medical center, sir.” said the ensign. “We are in desperate need of your help Sir and since you have the best medical skills on this station the injury of this patient is in need of your help, sir”

“Okay ensign, just wait there and I will be there as soon as I can,”

“Thankyou Sir,”

The admiral then turned off the intercom and got up out of his seat and sprinted out of his office and headed for the Ithorian medical center where a Jedi was been treated for injuries.

It didn’t take long for the Admiral to arrive at the Ithorian medical centre where the Jedi was been held for his injuries. The Admiral walked in and saw a young man sitting on the operating table waiting for medical help. He could see blood on the young Jedis clothing.
He went over to where the Jedi was. He saw the young man gaze at him but he did not smile at the Admiral.

He seems to be in pain.

“Hello Master Jedi,” greeted the Admiral “May I ask what happened to you, and how did you get theses injuries?” asked Carth.

“I was on a mission,” said the young man. “There was someone who was in need of help and things didn’t go as expected,” he explained. “My attacker turned on me as I was about to turn him over to Lt Gren.”

“I see,” said the Admiral. “Well any way to your injury, I have a little skill in the medical field so I will be treating your injuries.” said Admiral Onasi. “By the way you look familiar,”

The Admiral assisted Atton in removing his bloodied Jedi robes and left the young man bear chested. The Admiral started to treat Attons injuries. The young man glanced at the Admiral as he mentioned that he looked familiar.

“I served with the exile.” he said, “Ouch!” Atton yelped as the Admiral dabbed some kolto cream and water on his wound.

“Sorry,” Carth apologized. “You served the exile?” he asked.


The Admiral finished putting the kolto cream on Attons injury and he got the bandages and he then started to bandage Attons wounded shoulder. The young Jedi was grinding his teeth as the Admiral was doing the final touches of treating the Jedi,

“So what is your name, Master Jedi?” asked the Admrial.

“Atton Rand,” he replied.

Admiral Onasi glanced at Atton. I thought he looked familiar. Finally the Admiral had finished treating his guest. He went over to the table where the spare clothes were been kept and got some fresh clothes for his guest.

“Here, you can wear theses, Master Jedi,” said the Admiral, as he handed Atton some clothes. “I’m afraid we don’t have any Jedi garments here, but I’m sure that will do you until you can get some supplies,”

“Thankyou Admiral Onasi,” Atton replied, gratefully He took the spare clothes from the Admiral and started to stand carefully and been careful not to make his knife wound bleed again. He slowly dressed himself into civilian clothing and while he was doing that the Admiral was disposing of Attons tattered bloodied Jedi ropes into the waste shoot.

“So what will you do now?” the Admiral asked.

“I think I will have to return to the academy,” answered Atton. “I don’t think my friends are going to be happy when they see me like this,” Atton replied, disappointed. “I’m suppose to be a Jedi,”

The Admiral felt sympathy for the young man.

“Everyone makes mistakes, Atton,” said Carth. “No Jedi is invincible you know.” He put a hand on the young Jedi’s good shoulder.

“I know,” Atton he said, reluctantly. “Well I guess I better contact the academy and tell them my situation.”

“Do you want me to contact them for you?” asked the Admiral “I have a good friend who has contacts with the Jedi.” the Admiral suggested. “In fact she’s a Jedi herself and she’s quite skilled in battle meditation.”

“This friend of yours is a Jedi?” asked the surprised Atton. “I thought there were only a few Jedi left.”

“The first thing I will do is go back to my office and contact Bastila. She should be able to help you get back to the academy on Telos,”

“I appreciate your kindness Admiral, but you don’t have to do this,” Atton said. “I don’t want to put any burden on you.”

“Oh hobber wash, Atton, It’s my duty to assist anyone who serves the Jedi and the Republic. I will assure you that you will get back to your friends on Telos and get you all fleshed up,” Carth replied, kindly.

“Thankyou Admiral,”

“You wait here while I go and contact a friend of mine,” ordered Atton “Then we can discuss your situation in more detail,”

“Will do, Admiral,” Atton saluted.

Admiral Onasi exited the Ihorian medical centre and headed back to his office. It took less then five minutes before he arrived back, He decided to contact Bastila right away and he explained the situation to her, and she understand perfectly.

“Admiral Onasi,” said Bastila’s voice over his desk intercom I will be right over shortly, I need to speak with the young Jedi,” she told the Admiral.

“Is that an order?” Carth asked, teasingly.

“Admiral,” she warned “I don’t have time for jokes, I need to see him,” she ordered.

“Okay, lighten up, Princess,”

Sheesh, always a serious woman.

“Good, now remain where you are and I will be over shortly,”

“Okay, see you in a bit, Bastila.” He said quickly then switched his intercom off and he sat back in his chair and waited for the Jedi Princess to arrive.


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