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Dyce smiled to himself. If they did fail, it would still be a tremendous victory. He saw the shadow of civic starfighters and RIG fighters hatch in and out while he stealthily stayed unnoticed along the wall of the keep. Then his group was thrown off the wall by a sputter of force. The Empire was getting deeper into the keep. There would be little or no way out for them if action was not taken. Another explosion was even closer. Dyce then saw several Civic troops run clear out of the archway. "Off the wall!" Dyce's order were barely carried out as rubble flew over their heads. A Civic commanding officer ran out at a high dash. Dyce recognized him as Bac Rueben, an old mate of his from the same training camp. Dyce had seen him in action, and was not prepared to confront his old friend...yet.

Dyce's fleet moved quickly among the rubble, avoiding being seen by the army. "All right, lets move along the inner rim. We have to get rid of any and all obsticles blocking the jedi's escape path. Spead out!"

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