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Zion screamed as the Jedi star fighters left
Zion looked around. there was a jedi star fighter left. He didn't like flying but he had embraced a life of darkness it didn't matter now. He got in and put on the helmet that was in the cockpit. He pressed the ignition and flew out of the hanger he turned the ship around and started firing missiles at the ground troopers. He laughed and felw into space. Once out there he surveyed the battle. He decided to offer help to the ones fighting the jedi. He raced towards the capitol ship and docked in the hanger. He noticed other jedi star fighters. He smiled. He got out his lightsaber and sliced their controls. They wern't going anywhere. Zion dimmed the lights of the hanger and walked to the bridge slowly.

Im after you Jedi Atomic muahahahahahaha


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