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- "Well we can sure try" - Janya said and looked at Lin - "Come on."

Lin and Janya walked as silently as they could behind a crate.

- "Alright, I'll go to the far right, you stay on this side and slash quickly, when you see the bolts coming, let go and the force will do it for you" - Janya said and ran for the third gun emplacement, all of them fired at her as she slashed the gun and cut it in half. Lin took advantage at the distraction Janya had created and lunched herself against the first gun, she deflected the some bolts and some hit her on her armor, but she was able to slice the gun and kill the alien behind it, she then used her flamethrower to burn the other gun and killed the alien. She sliced the second gun as Janya headed for the fourth gun. Janya lept behind the alien thrusting her saber in his chest and taking the gun. She started firing at the aliens who started to come out of the ship after hearing all the shots.

- "Dag, we got them!" - Lin shouted.

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