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Well, in spite of having some work to be finished for to-morrow, and since lately my [Monday-Thursday] life seems to revolve around this forum, I decided to start a new thread. This ones not going to be about a game developing company (which is quite insignificant to me anyway) or that sort o stuff, but about a more vital matter.


Where do you think this world of ours will lead us to? How do you imagine the world to be in, persay 50-100 years? In other words, what does the future behold for us?
Id like to hear your thoughts about what will occur with the ever-evolving technology; the constantly-changing climate; the continuous conflicts between different cultures and even different ideas; the two sides of globalisation; increasing/decreasing population; astronomy and space imperialism; society as a whole; (and the usual) etc.

Fritz Lang's Metropolis

Many things have been said about the future, there are new programmes being developed, like MERLIN, which claim to predict the future. And, while most see advance and greatness a few of us have grim expectations (lately it seems as if most are inclined to think this way).

Enough with the tedious monologue; what are your beliefs?
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