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Well...not the kind of answer I was expecting, but still amazingly interesting. I must admit, I enjoy your posts quite a lot.
I'll put on a decent reply to my thread as soon as I get my ideas organised.

For the time being, I agree with the "technology is moving fast" point. Most of the poeple I know mock at me for the fact that I do not trust technology; I believe the human race has become so much used to depending on it that if for some reason we were to live without it (apocalypse; war; et cetera) we would not be able to endure/survive. With me, it's pretty much the paranoia which "2001: A space odyssey" shows, having a computer intelligent enough to try to take over the crew. [I'm very paranoid, yes]

Again, I'll post a decent reply later on. Basically, I do not expect much from the future, but destruction, sorrow, and hunger. I diverge with most common beliefs; like being able to travel throughout space, I think it's highly unlikely to happen. Keep in mind I am a fatalist, though.

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