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Luckily the astromech units were unnoticed and started fixing the controls in the starfighters, as soon as the Dark Jedi left the hangar.


Scur blocking and shooting the blaster as he made his way to the bridge. Soon he came to a door and all troopers were dead, so he unignited his saber and pressed the button. the door slowly opened and Scur noticed the rifles aimed at him. Scur ignited his saber and waited for the door to open all the way. Once the door was opened all the way, the blasting started and Scur and jedi partners started blocking while Scur blocked and shot his blaster.
Soon the Admiral of the Capitol Ship was the only one left standing, besides the other jedi with Scur. "Don't kill me. Please." with an assasin pistol behind his back the admiral tried convincing Scur not to kill him.
"Well... " Scur said without unigniting his saber. Soon the man thought he had Scur of guard and took a shot at Scur who was paying attention and blocked the shot as he fired his blaster at the admiral who fell to the ground in major pain since Scur guided the shot through the man's heart, with the force.

Scur ordered the others to plant bombs next to the control panel as he watched thinking that was to easy.

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