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The Mayan Holy Number 1,366,560 days, known as the birth of Venus and the basis of their calendar, indicates ancient knowledge of sun spot cycles and their effect on the human race. They explore the popular myth of Quetzalcoatl and its origins in Maya ideas concerning the sun cycle.

They show the links between the pre-Columbian civilizations of Central America and the Old World, in particular Egypt. Examining the archaeological record, they find further evidence for linking the origins of Mayan civilization with the mythical lost continent of Atlantis, which according to Plato was destroyed in a series of catastrophes.

They reveal that the Mayan calendar prophesies the end of our own "Age of the Jaguar", the fifth and final "sun" in 2012 AD. This, according to Cotterell's sun-spot theories, will be brought about by a sudden reversal in the earth's magnetic field.
I had to put this, it's the GF forums after all.
Once again, two sources which claim the world will end in 2012. Better get ready for it...

Originally Posted by Jofa Guht
Destruction, sorrow, and hunger? Sounds like a democrat. I'm a democrat too, mostly, but still all my liberal friends and their pessimism bug the crap out of me.
How many times do I have to say this: I am not a pessimist, I am a realist! (which is pretty much the same). The glass may be half empty for me, but the world ain't getting any better.
On a side note, my outsider point of view always told me that Democrats and Republicans were pretty much the same :P
But yes, I "lean to the left" on those issues.

I do not think the human race is evil by nature; unfortunately, the claims of many make people think this way. You always hear how doctrines like Socialism wouldn't work, simply because people are too ambitious/sellfish and all that kind of silly allegations.

Originally Posted by Jofa Guht
Computer intellegence is an excellent topic. I think science fiction still hasn't firmly came up with a plausible idea for it. If they were to form their own identities and intellegence, they would be as different from humans that humans are from cockroaches. They learn 5,000 times faster than we do, and we would NEVER be able to find out how their thought processes work, because you'd have to be superintellegent to understand a superintellegence...ho ho.
Agreed. That is why 'I am scared of them' on a way. I firmly believe that that day will come on which the machine will overrule the human, and we will be forced to end this by "pulling the plug"; thus, we would have to get rid of all electric and artificial objects, and we will be doomed to re-start as a civilization.
Either that or climate change. For instance, my country keeps getting hotter, 3 years ago, our school made us change to the "summer uniform" by mid November; the past year, mid October; this year (2005) mid August.

Once again, you'll have to wait for a clear explanation of my views (i.e. tomorrow)

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