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Originally Posted by El Virus
I had to put this, it's the GF forums after all.
Once again, two sources which claim the world will end in 2012. Better get ready for it...
That date does seem to appear in many apocalyptic prophesies, doesn't it? Its even more intriguing that the basis for these projections are so scientifically backed, you know? I agree: better saddle up for it.

Of course, the possibilities laid out JofaGuht are (like he said) far-fetched, though not totally un-feasible considering the leaps in technology we've made over the past decade. For instance, how exactly would the world end? The concepts are limitless, and none are particularly hard to grasp: We could, for instance, simultaneously discover and set off a more ferocious type of atomic bomb. Or maybe it's war.

I'm personally against the theory (for self-preservation's sake, of course ). But we'll just have to wait and see, eh? Regardless, it's going to be a very interesting year, just from the tension that builds from these sorts of predictions.

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