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((OOC: Cool, permission from the mighty three.))

The Unknown Regions, at the edge of Imperial Space.

*A Fleet of twelve night-black Imperial II-Class Star Destroyers and about twice as many support ships drops out of hyperspace. After reversion the lead ship launches a squadron of TIE Interceptors on point defence.*

*On the bridge of the same ship a grey haired man in the old uniform of an Imperial Starfleet Admiral limps stifly towards the foward viewports. Looking out the viewport was another man. Tall and and cloaked in black only his dark, short cut, greying hair showed from where he stood. As he turned to face the Admiral he showed a broodingly aristocratic face with piecing blue eyes and a narraw clean shaven chin.*

*The Admiral bowed.*

Admiral: Lord Agric, the jump has been completed successfully and our scouts report the system is clear.

Agric: What of my brother, has he retaken Coruscant?

Admiral: No Lord, he appears....Forgive me, my Lord, he appears to have restored the planet to the Rebels.

Agric: Pah! My Father's favorite son is weak. Now he will be swept away, there can be no weakness among the Sith. Set Course for Yaga Minor, Admiral.

*Fade out.*

((OOC: How's that?))

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