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Coruscant Main Hangar

*Makon Jil is exiting his fighter, when in the distance he notices a figure is standing, waiting for him and smiling.*

Makon: Beler!! *He dashes over and they hug*
I thought you were dead...

Beler: That was the idea...but you got the message, didn't you?

Makon: I knew it! I knew it had to be you!
Jedi Temple

Deac: Well...I guess that settles it. *He goes to a corner and takes out his comm link and calls Raschel [this universe's]* Raschel...I'm going to visit Orthos...he's....he's alive...
Corellian Transport en route to Coruscant

*Elella awakes*

Ellela: Oh no...I've got to warn dad. That guy...he's trouble...


And the Galaxy was safe again....BUT FOR HOW LONG?

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