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Originally Posted by Murf
Sometimes I'll be playing and all a sudden the game vanishes. It just goes away and I'm at my desktop as if I never started the game. I also have had it lock up during single player. Also sometimes at the end of a match when you see your score - the "Done" button won't appear and the game locks up. I update my video driver to the most recent and it still does it. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
I was having this same issue, but in single player as well (only on space missions). Here is how I rexolved the problem:

Find the battlefrontII.exe application file (not the shortcut), right-click it and create a shortcut to it. Then, right-click the shortcut and go to properties. In properties, go to compatibility and select compatibility for windows 98/ME. Launch the game with this shortcut.

I have a virtual dual core processor (P4 HT) and I tried another route which did not work for me, but may be of help to you. If you have either dual core processors or a virtual dual core, try this:

When the game is running, ctrl+alt+del to get to the task manager. On the application list, right click battlefrontII.exe and choose "set affinity". Un-check CPU 1, so that only CPU 0 is selected. Now close the task manager and return to the game.

According to the guys at LucasArts, the game, when running on dual core processors, will suddenly and for no apparent reason max out the processing capacity on both CPUs causing the game to crash to the desktop, and running on only one processor seems to have resolved the issue for some people.

Hope this helps.
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