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((meh, alrighty

I called up Crackles last night
this is a rough discription of the conversation:


Me: ... Oh yeah, everyone on the boards is getting ticked at me for not calling you about them being ticked at you ((said jokingly))

Crackles: yeah?

Me: Well, they want Cracken to do something

Crackles: I,.. uh... Don't have time for thread RPg's anymore...

Me: Oh, okay, so I take it that with School and your management position, is the due fact that dispite you actually posting now again, you can't devote a serious set of time to an RPG. Even though that you have just barely enough time to make a post here or there??

Crackles: Well, no. It's just that... well yeah.

Me: I mean, BD created a brother for ya and all.

Crackles: Meh.


thats about that... roughly...))

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