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Hah, good point. I think I was actually talking rubbish in my last post about the prequel. Sorry, I don't know why I typed that. I suppose it just shows how confusing the whole thing is at the moment that I might have said something so wrong by mistake.

What I had meant to say was that it was set after Last Crusade and world war two and will have Indy almost as old as Harrison is. Well, 40-50. They said that they'd be "making fun of his age", anyway. Showing signs of him getting weaker. Indy's dad and some (if not all) of his girls are *rumoured* to return.

Anyway, this is recent -

Sounds like they're still working on the script. Also I have no idea what George means by 3D, but I heard that he wants to do that with Star Wars too. I'm going to pressume it means crazy 3D glasses fun and not CGI.

In other news: Jurassic Park IV took me by suprise just now. Whatever happened to the good old trilogy?
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