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Chapter Four

On The Edge Of The Unknown Region

‘An Unexpected Arrival’

On the Republic cruiser on the edge of Republic space. The Endar Spire IV drifted in space. One lone Republic tactical officer by the name of ensign Jaden Tider was surveying the number of worlds that had been discovered by the Republic over the course of time. As he was studding the star charts up on the wall, there was a sudden beep on the radar on his tactical radar.

“What now?” he mumbled as he turned his head to look at the radar.

He frowned when he saw millions of little red flashing dots on the radar screen started to appear. They appeared to be coming his way. He continued to watch as the dots move towards the Republic’s insignia on the radar. The dots then turned into strange insignia’s that he did not recognize. Thousands upon thousands more continued to show up.

What in the world?

He decided to alert his Superior immediately about the strange insignias on his radar screen. Ensign Tider got up out of his seat and went to inform General Rueben.

“General!” ensign Tider said alarmingly, as he made his way to see the General.

“Yes Ensign?” the General sked as he turned to look up at Tider from his command seat. “Have any thing to report?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” he replied, quickly.

“Then what is it?” he asked, accordingly.

“Sir, there is something strange appearing on the radar; there are strange insignias that I do not recognize. There are thousands of them and they are appearing to be heading this way Sir.” explained ensign Tider.

“What are you babbling about, son?” the General, frowned.

“Sir, come here and I will show you,”

General Rueben got up quickly out of his seat and followed ensign Tiber to his station. He pointed to the radar where the strange alien insignias continued to follow the same course.

The General frowned when he also didn’t recognize the red insignias on the radar. He looked up at ensign Tiber in complete shock then looked back at the radar.

“Ensign, quickly activate the view screen so we can see what is coming towards us,” he ordered, as he moved away from the ensign’s station and went to view the Endar Spire’s view screen.

“Yes Sir,” said ensign Tider, he activated a few switches and it only took a few seconds before the view screen showed the depths of space where to the Generals shock there were thousands of massive ships heading towards them.

“What in the world…” the General watched in complete shock as he watched a massive fleet of ships coming towards them.

“Ensign, sound the red alert!” he said alarmed “They aren’t Republic ships,” he said, quickly.

The red alert alarm went off through out the ship where everyone on the Endar Spire IV was running to their stations. The lights on the command bridge flash red.

“Ensign, send a distress signal now!” he barked the order to Ensign Tider.

“Yes Sir!” he called back.

He carried out his order and sent a distress signal to the main command centre back at Citadel Station.

“Sir!” the ensign called “The distress signal is sent!” he called back.

Before the General could reply back a strange ship shot up ahead from the other ships and started to shooting at the Republic cruiser, making the ship tremble violently from the powerful attack from the alien ship.

“They are hostile!” yelled the General. “Ensign Henderson, power up the guns and target the main engine hold,” General Rueben barked his order.

“Yes Sir,” Ensign Henderson called from his station.

The Endar Spire targeted the enemy ship and the lasers shot at the enemy ship but to General Rueben’s shock he saw it didn’t do any damage to the enemy ship. Instead it hit their shields.

“They have shields!” yelled General Rueben. “Evasive maneuvers now!” yelled General Rueben.

The Endar Spire IV maneuvered making the ship rock violently as the alien ship continued to attack. Suddenly in a split second there was a massive explosion behind the General. He turned in shock to see that the main tactical station had been bombarded by the attack from the enemy ship. Anyone who was at that station was now a severe casualty.

The Enadar Spire IV continued to rock violently as the other ship continued to fire at the Republic cruiser.

“We have to abandon ship!” ordered the General Rueben. “Their defenses are too strong!” He called to anyone who was listening. General Rueben turned to see if Ensign Tider was till alive, too his shock his ensign was on the ground. General Rueben rushed over to see if he was still alive. He felt his pulse, but there was nothing. He was dead.

The Republic cruiser shook more violently then ever. It was hard to keep balanceas the ship shook very badly. The General quickly spoke into the emergency intercom.

“To all personnel who are listening to this, all hands abandon ship; Repeat this is not a drill, all hands to escape pods!”

General Rueben looked at the screen he watched as he saw the alien ship open its missile bay and to his horror he saw a large missile been shot towards them.

This is the end

A few escape pods managed to escape before the Endar Spire exploded killing anyone and anything that was still on it.


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