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I've stated before, MAKE HAND PLATES Gloves with hand plates will be sooo much better sir.
here is the image of the correct clone again this time I've highlighted the parts

1. Make the range finder taller - and a second one that flips down in front of the visor (Not necesarry but please make it taller)
2.Commander Bly uses this style of a shoulder pad(Swapping to this shoulder pad will ease wieghting process, and will cause less deformation issues.)
3.The ammo pack should be made like the one in the image, your ammo strap isn't accurate for these variants.
4. Gun is optional(mirror to other side)
5.The Gun holsters should be added(mirror to other side)
6.The straps here should be tiny little models (Or I could texture them on for ease on the wieghting process)

I'm willing to model these for you.

Things wrong with the model you sent me.

Left foot's normals were facing in wrong direction, the foots textures draw inside the foot not outside

I can't seem to *off the jetb in game... or in MOD View.

Also I want to mention I've been sittin here all day I've now refreshed this page for like the 300th time, busy little eager beaver arn't I

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