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Article found: 25TH November 2005 (AEST)

More KOTOR III Talk?

I hope you guys don't mind me posting more KOTOR III stuff I just can't help it . OKay I was just browsing and it just very briefly said something about Star Wars KOTOR sequel. I'm not sure if they mean't KOTOR II or not but I think they are more likely refering to KOTOR III. But any way take a lookie for you self.

Xbox360 In Bad Need Of RPG's

We know that sometime in the future, the Xbox 360 will have RPGs like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect, Jade Empire sequel, Fable sequel, Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic sequel and the like. But Microsoft should not give up getting established RPG franchises and if they have to make big deals with the respective owners of them, then they should go for it!


I just stumbled upon this by accident. Of course I was looking for KOTOR III in the list and they did mention somethnig about a KOTOR word.

any way


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