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From Lucasforum: From the Coruscant Entertainment center

A Jedi's Promise

Based on events before KOTOR

A young Jedi carries out her promise to the man she loves, Revan...

Well done, with some interesting quirks that keeps you interested. Keep writing it, kid!

A Jedi's Sacrifice
Obi Web
After the events set out in KOTOR, Gando Star (Revan) must decide what to do with his life.

Well written, but at the same time unsatisfying. Obi needs to do a bit more before I can really judge his work

Kotor 0.5
By the Doctor
Set before the events in Kotor 1; Highlighting the characters of the game, A glimpse into the byplay that led to Revanís departure from Dantooine.

Well written needing only editing to smooth it out.

From the Galactic Senate: Coruscant Theater

A Clone Wars Story: FLAWS

Set not long after the battle of Geonosis. A Jedi is assigned to monitor Padawan that must be made ready for promotion at the same time that the Sith plan to kill them.

The style is abrupt, and like most young writers, sidious618 doesnít understand the paragraph and conversation breaks yet. However it looks good and is worth reading.

The Last Apprentice
Zane Marit

Set before Star Wars III, Anakin is assigned an apprentice and goes on an important mission

The style is confused because the author tends to a shift from the past to present mode. The writing is interesting and the story line excellent.

Star Wars: Destiny, AU Clone War
Obi Wan

An alternate universe story set 15 Months after The Battle Of Geonosis.

All right, itís alternate universe, but having Anakin and Obi Wan A: Hating each other and B:, at odds with who gets Padme is a bit much for even me. Just the one chapter.

From Kotorfanmedia

The Solo Journals
Brenna Solo

Revan (Brenna Solo) plots to coerce the Jedi Council so she can keep the man she loves.

The style is fun and irreverent. Worth a second look.

From the Ashes
Prisoner 24601

Starting 72 hours before the KOTOR game.

The style is crisp and clean, and the small amount of background (Giving Carth a rank for example) helped a great deal.

Slow Dissolve
Rose 07
Set before Kotor II. Admiral Carth Onasi deals with attacks by Sith and insurgency on Telos.

An interesting style done more through introspection by Carth than anything else in the first chapter.

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