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Originally Posted by Shao_X
Bye bye entire JKA storyline.

NeoMarz is a modeler who believes in complete projects. Let's not forget that quite a number of his models are from the EU. My hopes are that the "in other words" suggested are ignored and that ARCs are in included in the package to be made.
JKA's story line has nothing to do with my post. I am well aware of NeoMarz's undertakings with EU characters, and I know that JKA is part of the EU. What I was REFERING to when I said "EU Crap" ... I meant the numerous spin off characters and clones that are simply different patterns or colours than that of the (already large) list in the movies.

Although it would be great to have such variety in the game, you have to go by *logic*. Logic is that JKA's character select can only display so many icons before it just cuts right out... hence you can't have all those other models in your base AND 20+ clones... as more than likely, if this keeps expanding, clones is all you'll have in your select screen.

That my friend, is stupid.

Let's not forget the inevitable plethora of reskins that people are going to put out there.

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