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Ruku, I meant no offense based on my last post and I apologize if I misunderstood your point.

Originally Posted by NeoMarz1
I Need a great sound package still. Anything you can do to make my job easier, becuase actually we have quite a few models here. Marzout
I have a wide array of sounds from the movies and Star Wars: Republic Commando at my disposal. I would be overjoyed to be responsible for the authentic soundsets of the clones.

Also, similar to Mars Marshall's Clones model, would it be possible for the standard Clonetrooper and the ARC Trooper to share the same model and differentiate based on surface files?

Oh, and 501st Trooper, now the Clone's blue looks a bit too dark. How about you try to identify the exact blue used for the Clone in your signature and use that for the skin? For RGB Custom-Colour definition, try using:
R: 88, G: 145, B: 224 and Hue: 143, Sat: 165, Lum: 147

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