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All right, after three days of inactivity (blame it all on
exams), I can finally post this.
First of all, keep in mind these are opinions based on
somewhat basic,or at least advanced,knowledge.
And, second, they are nothing special, and they are not as
elaborate as I would like them to be.

Okay, here it goes. When I think of the future (not 50-100,
probably more) I picture a rather dark image; going from
overpopulation, to uncontrollable diseases, to potentially
apocallytic wars, and even to more discrimination & fear.
Of course, this is far too biased by the kind of things I
read, and my personality.*
For I long time, I've been questioning why the world we
live in is plagued by conflicts, whether it is due to a
matter of culture of simply beacause of ideas. "Why do we
fight so much, it is only one planet"I usually end these
self-enquiries; I would like to treat the earth as a
big nation, andafter all, that is what it should be, for
we all come from the same place. I [naively] think that
I we worked towards internationalism, we would be able to
avoid the dim future that awaits us (at least, according
to many people, me included). But this ain't going to .

About "Space Imperialism", as I like to call it, and space travelling; I have
serious doubts we will be able to perfection spaceships
and there is a vast amount of reasons for me to believe
-Distances, planets are too far away. Trying to get to
them would take months, years or even decades of flying
(What this would mean, I leave it up to you).
-It won't be easy to create an engine powerful enough to
make this flights shorter; but even so, they'd consume too
much fuel** (a scarce resource by the way) and it would
affect the passengers, due to its speed. Besides, it would
need effective inertial damping systems (which would allow
the spacecraft to take up these velocities), and it would
crush the vehicle.
-All we’ve got are reaction engines, which implies that a chemical rocket burns the fuel to accelerate it, and then throws the weight of the fuel out the back of it at mildly high speed (around 10000 KM/H). The spacecraft then benefits from the equal and opposite reaction and moves forward. Of course, this means that you would need a lot of mass, in order to throw atoms at speeds barely reaching a fraction of the speed of light.
-On a less serious note about private spacetravelling; people have problems dealing with something as easy to handle as cars, imagine with space ships...
-I could give you more reasons, but they are fairly
obvious, or if not, they can be easily digged up in the

I’ve mentioned it before, but I think we rely too much on technology; and I consider this to be of relevance, as I have described before. In short, I think this will ironically force us to neutralize every non-natural element, and only a few would survive (Darwin’s “Natural Selection” theory, perhaps)

Our increasingly threatening armament is not exactly relaxing either; instead of putting money and time on more important things, we waste it on weapons. If the HAARP (catalogued as a “weapon of total destruction”); H or E-Bombs; or ‘nukular’ weapons don’t kill us, who/what else will?

And, I could go on with every clause and affair that might concern the upcoming future, but I reckon you don’t want to read about it.

v keep reading v
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