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[Note, I haven't finished reading your post]

Originally Posted by Jofa Guht
Hey, el, how about that link to the info on your second post?
I've been spending hours on this site. In my opinion, it is the best page dealing with esoterical and Conspiracy Theories (both of which I like; as long as it is viable [does this word exist?])

Anyway, it's they have a long archive of articles, it's worth reading most of them.
Rhey've got a great article about The Philladelphia Experiment, The HAARP & that satellite thing I mentioned.

[finished reading it]

Originally Posted by Jofa Guht
It's an interesting post, but the blinding propaganda of today makes it difficult to tell the difference between the truth and a conspiracy theory(mind you, I'm not saying it's one or the other). I feel like I would've heard about this before since nothing gets people more wriled up than conspiracies, coming from a guy who lives in a country where there's nothing but conspiracies (actually, they're all widely known, only a small portion of people ever tend to pay attention, and that small portion of people call them conspiracies).
I cannot tell the difference bewteen both either.
I adore a well planned Conspiracy Theory. I've seen every documentary about JFK, Roswell, etc. And due to my semi-paranoid nature, you can expect quite a lot of subtle theories.

Originally Posted by Jofa Guht
Maybe it's that part of me that wants to believe the Timewave Zero theory. I'd much rather see this world go out in an overflowing chaotic blast of creativity than a slow radiation death.
I wouldn't mind seeing the end of the world.

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