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Originally Posted by Jofa
But on the half-full side of the (hour)glass, the world has been through worse. No matter what time period you're in, in history classes they'll always tell you how much worse the world was fifty years before. Again living in the country I live in, all of a sudden there's hope again. The president's approval rating is lower than that of killing kitties, the rediculous drug laws are getting far less rediculous (yall hear about Denver?), people have discovered the Exxon monopoly and they're losing their power, plus a bunch of pointless anecdotal stuff. I'm just looking at the area I'm living in as well; the evil rockwood school district has devised a plan of less evilness, our roads are finally being worked on.
I would have loved to live 50 years ago (not in my country, when I would have needed to endure Perón and the several military take overs). Even though people were afraid of the end of the world in the hands of both; the fact that two opposing powers were leading the world (the USSR and the USA) made it impossible for one of them to make a stupid movement (like starting a war without a clear cause), for the other one would take action against it, and so on. But since the Soviet Empire has fallen, we only have one ruling empire country which is constantly trying to take over the...well, you get my point.

But, yes the world has been at worse times. But they were worst on some issues and yet better on others. During the black plague; when the Catholic Curch ruled the world; the Second World War, etc. But even during this times, there were not as many imminent dangers as today; thinking about it, though, I rather live nowadays.
Also, I take it you are not a Bush fine either.

The rest of your post is still interesting, in spite of having been written at 3.30; so don't worry.

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