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I should add one more thing to my list of [unbased]future predictions.
Corporational Power. We live on world in which a company is more powerful than a country. We are constantly bombarded with free-market propaganda. Furthermore, we are a consumer society; we are willing to waste money on anything.
Such as Marx (Karl, that is) once said; there will be a day in which a corporation will have acquired more power and capital than nations; to balance this, countries will print more money, and take further actions, which will lead to an unbelieveable inflation. According to him, this will make the world accept the Communist doctrine. (I do not support planned economies/Communism, and even less free–market economies/Capitalism)

Finally, I'll check one of David Lynch's movies tomorrow.

(Forgive the 3 post thing, I've got some issues with HAL my computer)

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