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Ah im back aswell, i stopped receiving the e-mails for some reason, anyway ill fill this in aswell, this will probably be my final post but ill stick around and read these if they still exsit, we gave it a hell of a run, the stories came in about a group of 6?

Name: Stuart (Stu) Zandar.
I managed to escape the explosion and have decided to retire from front-line combat, i have let my old team know and i have asked for them to be promoted, i will have left by the time that this will be read out, as i have left with with my crew and we are going to live quiet lives on the planets of Dantooine and the packed moon of Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa. Although we have left if ever the Alliance needs us we will be there....

Thats all for me gents, cheers for the series goodbye.

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