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First make sure you download the game server hosting FOR THE PS2 that runs on your PC. The file should be called "SWBattlefrontPS2Server_2.exe". Notice the PS2 in that file name. Here is where I got mine with no wait time.


SWBFII (just in case you want this one too... I have yet to get this one working though)

Next, I am running behind a firewall, as I assume you are too. You now will need to forward your ports. I called my router company and asked them how to forward my ports. Here are my settings inside my router under the NAT -> Special Applications area.

Trigger Port, Trigger Type, Public Port, Public Type
1450, TCP, 1450-1650, TCP
1450, UDP, 1450-1650, UDP
3650, UDP, 3650-3660, UDP
2000, TCP, 2000-2500, TCP
2000, UDP, 2000-2500, UDP

Hope that helps... but if not, leave me another message and I will see if I can help out further.
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