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Originally Posted by The Doctor
Quick questions:
Bastila was from the planet Talravin, correct?
Revan was already "dead" when Telos was destroyed, right?
Did Carth ever give his wifes name? I don't think he did, but I want to make sure.
Bastila was brought from Talravin, and it is assumed it is her home planet.

Since there is no definititive time-line for either the Mandalore war or the Sith War, we don't know if Revan was dead when Telos was attacked or not. You have to remember that in a large scale war, the main officers won't always be in the same battles. I assumed that Revan had sent Malak to attack Telos.

There was no mention of a name for Carth's wife in the game that I have found, but someone who has supposedly contacted one of the designers/writers of the game said that she was named Morganna.

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