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Originally Posted by RedHawke
Sorry, but I disagree. It is true that console games sell more, but it is also true that in a business, you move as much of your product as you can, because this means more $$$ for your company.
Originally Posted by Bob Lion54

While the PC market is not as lucrative as the console market, its still large enough that LA is going to want to get what money they can from it.
alright, sorry... when i said "exclusive" I was making a referance between the two XBox systems. he will with no doubt make the game for PC (not that it matters to me, I'm not going to waste money buying it for a system and for the PC... did that with the first game). But I doubt Lucas Arts will bother with a version for the XBox when the finished product wont be out for most likely a year or more. The more time goes by, the more the 360 is going to push the original XBox out.

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