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(joking for the story) as me and the droid flew through space trying to get to the generals ship,we flew off into a deserted area and in the window i saw somthing was a bunch of yellow letters flying off into space and then mysteriously dissappearing.i think it had somthing to do with an ''episode 3'' of somthing called ''starwars''.and they called it ''revenge of the sith''.how can the sith get revenge when no ones done anything?

(actual rp part) we flew through space,avoiding the clones becouse we didnt want to call and say we stole a lander.i saw alot of jedi starfighters,to.two i recognized as general kenobis and anakin skywalkers.they nearly destroyed our ship!when i saw anakin firing at the hanger bay to open the forcefeild,i was about to do the same before i saw that the feilds were opening for us.luckily,a couple buzz droids had jumped onto an ARC-170 and drilled through the pilots(and gunners) heads.and the ARC-170 was still active.we landed and blasted the buzz droids and all the others we saw,then continued forward.we had to duck behind a door when we saw kenobi and anakin slicing their way forward.luckily,they didnt come our way.a few droids came and and we ducked into the open space between the door and started firing.i looked up,and saw a vent and i grabbed the droids hand and grappled up,right before ten droidekas was hard to crawl through tiny vents,i admit that much,but it was worth it.we came close to the bridge of the generals ship when the droid tripped and fell down a shaft,but he still owes me a favor for grabbing ahold of his foot before he fell into the ships reactor.when we finally arrived,we saw kenobi and anakin fighting dooku,and then dooku threw kenobi agains ta wall,knocking him unconsious,then sliding a bridge over him to keep him there.anakin grabbed kenobis lightsaber and started fighting with dual weild and dooku finally fell to the ground,and palpatine kept yelling at anakin to kill dooku until dooku didnt have a head.i ran past the droid in the shafts to get to the ARC-170 and he followed.we found what we feared most.droidekas.alot of be attacked by droidekas in the land of droidekas for ever and droidekas would keep coming from the droideka factory on the droideka planet.but we dashed below into the ARC-170 anyway.and we made it to,luckily.we flew out to continue the fight in space,but i told the droid i had to get my ship when we landed back on coroscant and mysteriously disappear before any clones realized i saw th battle of coroscant...

the covenant is invading!
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