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I like psychology as well; I tend to care more about society, though. Of course, both are closely related. History is my favourite af all possible areas, but my interests span a broad amount of things so I guess I shouldn't pick a fave one.

Originally Posted by Jofa
It's true it may have been simpler government-wise, but let's not forget things like the lack of industry safety & inspection (you think we're polluting our world now? Not nearly as much as we were then), lack of labor laws, segregation & the lack of civil rights....that's a time I would've not liked to live in (because I think I'm getting ripped off at my job now). But then again, I'm biased because I learn history from the US's point of view, which is doesn't concern a lot of things. The problems I listed earlier were problems here; I'm not sure if they were everywhere.
Once again, there are good and bad sides to it.
Where do you work at? The lack of labor laws, civil rights, etc. were one of the reasons why the Socialist and Marxist ideas (and the future Russian Revolution) caused such commotion. Many of this things began to change by 1880s however (I know, we were speaking of the 1950s).
You know, thinking about this, I know realise how the Industrial Revolution has affected the world. The technologycal difference, as you mentioned, between the XIXth century and today, is incredible.

Originally Posted by JG*
On the other hand; the music was better and you were allowed to smoke inside without being publicly beaten to death.
Add great clothing (hats, suits, and all of those) the radio and cinema to that.
D'you smoke?

Check the David Lynch thread, for I have replied.

*No disrespect intended; I just get tired of typing.

EDIT: You know what really bothers me? (well, It doesn't bother me that much, but it sounds better if I exaggerate); that not many people venture into posting at the GF Forums.
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