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Mod Idea

I'm no modder, but I thought this would be nice

Space Heroes (Not ****ty like the one that's out)
Pilot and Marine Classes Still Exist, but only one hero like in Conquest.

(If I leave any maps out tell me.)

I'll try not to reuse heroes

Space Felucia: Republic - Aayla Secura | CIS - General Grievous
Space Kashyyyk: Republic - Yoda (Chewbacca would be better but he's rebels) | CIS - Darth Maul
Space Mygeeto: Republic - Ki-Adi Mundi | CIS - Jango Fett
Space Hoth: Rebels - Pilot Luke | Empire - Darth Vader
Space Yavin: Rebels - Han Solo | Empire - Boba Fett
Space Tatooine: Rebels - Luke (His outfit from ANH if possible) or Chewbacca or Han, doesn't matter | Empire - Boba Fett

Now for maps that aren't in IA (maybe someone could convert?)

Space Coruscant: Republic - Obi-Wan | CIS - Grievous or Dooku
Space Mustafar: Republic - Anakin | CIS - Darth Maul
Space Endor: Rebels - Han Solo | Empire - The Emperor
Space (Clone Wars Era): Republic - Obi-Wan | CIS - Jango Fett (After the battle between these two in AotC)
Space (Galactic Civil War): Rebels - Princess Leia | Empire - Darth Vader

I also suggest we get rid of this "Rebel Gunship" crap and put in the Millenium Falcon (YT-100 Freighter)

So any thoughts?

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