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Waaaaaahhh!! Why won't DF work???

I popped a new HDD in my comp recently and went through a new install of WinXP. I'd backed up all the necessary stuff, including the contents of my C:\Dark\ folder so that I'd keep my settings and savegames etc.

Now, the annoying thing is that when I re-installed all of my apps and games, I tested Dark Forces and it worked fine! Since then I've updated Windows with Service Pack 1 and various 'hotfixes' etc and DF doesn't want to know now.

When I run either the version on the CD or the version on the HDD, and either the installer or dark.exe itself, Windows puts up a DOS window (with nothing actually 'in' it, just the heading "C:\dark\dark\DARK.EXE") and at the point where it usually switches to full screen and the game starts... it just disappears! Every effing time!

I've tried looking in the Task Manager's Applications and Processes tabs and it doesn't appear in there. So I'd gather the program's just terminating itself rather than hiding.

I think it's fairly safe to say that everyone in here loves DF so you can imagine how annoying this is. I can't be certain that Windows is at fault, but it's the only thing I can think of that's really changed system-wise. So:

Anyone else had this problem?
Would an upgrade to SP2 help do ya think?

I've tried DosBox in the past and found it to be so choppy it was unplayable. I've also tried the .bat method from but when it starts the program, the same thing happens; it just terminates.

Any help you could give me would be massively appreciated! The PS1 version's just not the same.

Cheers in advance!

EDIT: Sorted

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