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Originally Posted by Jofa Guht
I think it's safe to say I know very little about society, so take my opinions as a grain of salt. They aren't very researched or thought-out opinions. I'm just going by the little I know already.
Well, society is fromed by the different 'grains of salt'; each person has got his own opinions, and they are all relevant enough. (I know, it sounds too corny)
What I always wondered is whether Society is adapted by the individuals, or vice versa.
Is it very common for young people (less than 18, I mean) to work over there?

Well, it's like we've got our own private little corner, where people are much smarter and nicer than those of....well...Monkey Island.
You know, my comment was pretty much a hipocresy, for I have posted all of my 300+ posts inside the boundaries of the GF forums. I like this community, anyhow.
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