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Originally Posted by Shok_Tinoktin
Not exactly. It could be done without a computer, but thats beside the point. The images themselves would not have to be created using a computer. Its like when you see large crowds of people in movies. Usually there are not that many people really there.
Exactly so. There's a big difference between compositing some more people into a scene (including the same people shot a different way!) that aren't actually there on set.... and creating people that are completely CG (ie: they are computer 3-D models, not photographed human actors).

In the original trilogy there's a couple of instances in crowd shots where Lucas put in cardboard cutouts that were painted in (note the award ceremony in ANH, which was "Fixed" in the Special Edition.. or the Emperor's arrival in ROTJ that remains). The latter example is less obvious except when you freeze frame. Another use of cardboard is the shot of Lando hanging onto the bottom of the skiff while Luke leaps from one to the other in ROTJ (I never noticed it until somebody pointed it out in the last year and now it's painfully obvious everytime I watch it!). ROTJ was supposedly completed in less than a year, so that's the only explanation I can think of for why this stuff wasn't fixed. Because the technology for inserting those characters certainly existed at the time. Why Lucas didn't take the time to correct any of this while he was re-editing the films I don't know.

So yes, Lucas could have created identically heighted stormtroopers AND stormtroopers all with the same voice if he had wanted to back in the 1980's (he probably didn't have the money to do it in 1977). It's not necessary to do so, and his after the fact explanations make it clear he has no plans to do that anytime soon, which is fine by me.

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