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thanks! Well, it's really weird, but if I disable the sound I can play in any server, but with the sound enabled I can't, just some very lucky few times. I didn't had this problem with SWBF1. I maybe crashing the servers? and that's why it says connetion to host lost? but the thing is that I can play single player everytime and I can create a server everytime, I just can't join one. I did checked and nothing is trying to use the soundcard, I even tried to run it with no single procees running in the background except for taskmanager and explorer. And It didn't worked.

It may not be the sound card, but it has something to do with the sound for sure, maybe the server is asking for something to with the sound and can't find it in my system and that's why it gets disconnected. I don't know, but I don't want to buy a new card and find out that it doesn't work!

thanks again
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