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Originally Posted by Robb Stark
Arrogance and threats, pushing people around not for the credits but to demonstrate your power over them, back-stabbing and engineering plots to cause havoc and desolation are more believable and natural acts for a powerful evil person. I mean, how stupid did you think it was when Darth Bandon shows up and force pushes some noname soldier into the equipment causing an explosion and killing him? You wouldn't see Darths Malak, Maul, Tyranus, Vader, Sidious, etc. doing that just for kicks. When you're evil and powerful, people that low on the totem pole are beneath your worth or notice unless they personally mess up.
Not to mention he could have destroyed all the computers on the bridge and pushed back Malak's war plans by as much as a week.

DS = Dumb Side. Even Malak goes the route of total destruction. He destroyed Taris because it was taking too long to find Bastila. He even killed a ton of his own troops and equipment. He made winning the war just a bit more difficult. Thugs should never be in command of a war effort.

My favorite DS effort in K1 is not the mindless slaughter and mayhem. I like to push events towards an unhappy ending. Too few of those here. My favorite is having the Sandral/Matale feud end in blood. Then I lie about it to Master Vandar and blame it on rogue Mandalorians. I love pushing and prodding the Matales and Sandrals to kill each other. Just to get from "Father, Mr. Sandral, Nurik, Ahlan...." to them all dying is worth the effort. Bioware has got some wickedness in their programmers.
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