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Originally Posted by MrVorlon
DS = Dumb Side. Even Malak goes the route of total destruction. He destroyed Taris because it was taking too long to find Bastila. He even killed a ton of his own troops and equipment. He made winning the war just a bit more difficult. Thugs should never be in command of a war effort.
Malak had some really comical parts in KotOR. I always got a kick out of when he'd do that laugh, and clutch his stomach. He does it when he force pushes Carth, which is understandable, but at the end when he goes off on a tirade about how Revan will be "crushed by the true power of the Star Forge!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!" *side clutch* Naturally, during this sequence he's talking to himself. Ugh. And people complain about not being able to understand Nihilus.

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