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Okay guys, let's not get off track here. This thread is not the place to discuss possible future changes to Episode I, but rather the DVD changes to the 2004 Editions (which are also identical, btw, to the "Limited Edition" set being released this December to make more money off the Christmas shoppers!).

I have watched the ROTS DVD (not every single special feature mind you, but quite a few of them) and in the documentary "The Chosen One" in the part where Hayden Christiansen is talking about Anakin's character and he says "a wise man once said fear..." and then it quickly cuts into a shot of Yoda from Episode I saying "Fear is the past to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger,...etc" and there you see they've replaced puppet Yoda with CG Yoda for that scene. Some fans are HOPING that this means TPM will be re-released on DVD with him replaced in the whole thing. That's pure speculation. LucasFilm has explicitly denied that CG Yoda will EVER be inserted into ESB or ROTJ at some future time.

Now that this has been put to rest, please discuss it on another thread. I'm deleted the off topic posts in the meantime... thanks.

PS: A tip to those of you posting DVD screencaps. If you're using PowerDVD (and probably similar for other programs like WinDVD) you can go into the Configuration options and change what the screen caps look like. The reason they appear distorted (squeezed) is because you're doing it base on the "original source" which is done that way because it's for anamorphic stretching of your screen. Instead set it to capture based on screen size, and then just watch the movie full screen when taking your shots. Then it won't look distorted. That assumes you have the widescreen version on your computer monitor of course...

I also resize my pics in a paint program in order that they don't throw off the page margins and force people to scroll sideways.

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