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Originally Posted by master_skywalke
I was watching ROTJ and noticed in the ending battle between Luke and Vader, that if you watch there shadows you can see the sticks there fighting with!
While that's certainly interesting, this thread really isn't about special effects gaffes, or oddities. These "lightsaber shadows" have been in the movie since the beginning and we know of no conscious effort to remove any of them in the new editions, so it's really irrelevant, sorry.

We see lightsaber shadows even in the prequels (a famous one occurs in ROTS), and it's widely regarded as a gaffe, but there you go.

Here's another pic of Lightsaber inconsistencies in ANH 2004, that I forgot to post earlier:

Compare to the Menu on the Bonus Disc (Disc #4 in the 2004 Set):

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