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The reason people don't really bother posting feedback anymore is the format has changed. In the old Holowan there was the downloaders, the modders, the game utility generators, etc. Now that it's SUPER specific namely an entire forum just for downloads, people that go there most times don't care I'd say.

If it was a W.I.P. thread in the forum and you could track it's progress and view the almost always soon to be coming Release Thread. Now you can just click on Taris Upper City Emp. and go there without ever having to read through anything it took to get there. Most of the good feedback was given in my few projects I released during the W.I.P stage then the same ones posted usually in the release thread for follow up.

Combine the forums again into one Holowan for editors, mods, & releases and I bet the comments will fill back up. I think people are just taking whats readily available right up front in the Taris Upper City Emp. without going through the bother of reading a bit if they don't have to.

Just my 2 cents, but I bet they still spend.

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