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The Beauty of Episode III

Well today I was re-watching Episode III for the uncountable time, and I noticed the most smallest and beautiful details. In the Jedi purge scenes, specifically the one on the planet Fulucia (the strange tropical planet, I believe its spelled similar to that) with the girl jedi. When the stormies prepair to attack her, she doesnt even notice! She looks at where they point there guns, thinking that there is a threat there. Whew, I have to say that is a nice touch!

Also anouther moment that still gets me is the Emperor and Yoda duel in the senate chamber. It is just amazing when they enter the senate chambers, and when the Emperor hurls the senate seats at Yoda.

So now that I have shared, what were the momments that got to you in episode III? Were there any smaller details you have noticed in re-watching the movie on DVD?

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