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To tell you the truth, the droideka is the best unit up against infantry bots. He has a shield and the best ROF, and in this game it's much easier to dodge grenades, you just hit duck and roll forward while holding the dash button. When you're out of range, set back up again and wait for them to come back. You have to be shot once in order for your shields to start going down automatically, so you can keep it on and guard vital areas like flags in 2 flag ctf. Not to mention that it only takes em 5 seconds to charge it back up. They have infinite ammo, can recharge in about 3 seconds when overheated. One time on GC I was playing as the CIS. The Republic had attacked Naboo, the only planet next to their fleet. Last I checked the score it was 50 to 3, us losing. I went and respawned as a destroyer and it was like, 48 to 1 (it was a miracle I was the only guy left). I was getting my butt kicked, they just kept blasting the crap out of me, but somehow, I ended up killing the whole crowd. Then I went around for like, 10 minutes killing all of the rest 1 by 1. It was pretty sweet, since half of them were in those chicken walker things, especially since this was the first time I had ever played as a droideka.

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