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"Twin Peaks", one helluva show...

All right, as I mentioned earlier, I bought "Twin Peaks" Season 1 on Sunday. Believe it or not, I have watched all of the 7 episodes (plus the Pilot, which I'm not sure if it revealed the killer or not). And what this tells you is that it is a pretty addictive programme (besides the fact that I have no life, of course)
Now Jofa, I must say It's a damn fine cup of coffee show. There is something dark and mysterious about it which makes it incredibly appealing. I am specially fond of the way Lynch and Frost took an apparently perfect girl like Laura (on a bigger scale, Twin Peaks itself), only to reveal the many flaws she posses as the story moves on.

Any complaints?:
-The humor; it's not that I do not like it, it is neccessary to balance the tension created by the situation. However, I've always had something about getting laughter and seriousness together. But after ep. 2 (or was it 3?, anyway, the one about Cooper's dream) I realised that I could certainly cope with it.
-And, ehm...the green outline of the letters at the beginning credits (I can be quite picky sometimes).

Mate, thanks for introducing me to the show. If you want to discuss it, let's bring it on.


About IMDB, I can't take a site which has got (not one, but two!) "Star Wars" movies on top of their Science Fiction list. Besides, letting any idiot rate a movie is just wrong...
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